Where Do Our Children Belong?

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How will our children find their way in this crazy world our generation has created? Where is their sanctuary and opportunity? The average American youth spends 900 hours per year in school, and 1500 hours per year watching television. If they happen to surf the news during their tv time, they will see that their country is engaged in three wars in which no country has attacked, or threatened to attack us. They will also learn that dozens of nuclear reactors are built on volatile sites, and at least one is threatening to melt down across the...

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Top 20th Anniversary Highlights

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We are excited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dallinger Communications this year! How did one woman starting with a lonely little typewriter in her Montclair kitchen create a successful consulting firm for two decades? Well, the late author Grace Paley once told me that she taught all kinds of writing students with a wide range of talent, and when it came to creating successful careers, she simply wondered which ones were going to do the work. So we did the work…and to our delight, clients coast to coast needed, and continue to need...

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Reconciliation: From Division to Acceptance

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I have been aware of the concept and practice of reconciliation for years, and even successfully reunited with a once alienated family member after much hard work together. Some of our core differences have not magically disappeared, but we are able to engage in honest, respectful communication, and express the fundamental caring that comes from more than 60 years of shared history. Now, as I slowly explore the possibility of reaching out to my mother, bridging the gap of more than two decades of alienation, I consider the meaning of...

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Let’s Contradict the Violence in Arizona and Beyond

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Today, make peace. Make peace what we do in our minds. I have been playing Jennifer Berezan’s new cd, “In These Arms, A Song for All Beings” for hours, while breathing in the chanted lyrics “may all beings be happy, may all beings be safe, may all beings everywhere be free.” If these words seem ephemeral to you, consider the ultimate power of every soul. Consider that any negative act or thought inside reverberates everywhere. And the opposite rings true as well: any harm to others anywhere, harms ourselves. In...

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New Year’s Wishes

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To manifest our deepest calling To heal the past and receive this moment To honor all living beings To let go of what we accumulate To be loving and true. A deep bow to 2011

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Is American Poetry at a Dead-End? Prominent Poets Speak Out

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The above article is a must read in today’s , as several poets weigh in about the state of American poetry. My own humble opinion is that art comes deeply from the soul; it may veer in various directions, but it never dies. That said, in my recent workshop experiences, there is a tendency for some poets to write as if they are objective, dispassionate  observers, mutating poetry into a kind of quasi-journalism. This style leaves me feeling removed,  missing the music and the resonance in the language. ...

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Freelancing in Action: How to Succeed With Clients

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For savvy entrepreneurs, freelancing is a verb that belongs right beside these, among many others: to reach out, to meet, to listen, to produce, to follow up. And thoughtful action is especially important when it comes to stewarding client relationships. Among the core lessons I have learned from creating four successful independent businesses, is that I must be wise about connecting with, and relating to my clients. Here are some suggestions: Rule #1: Trust your initial instincts and decide only to work with people you can like and trust;...

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Top Ten Tips for Working Wisely With Your Editor

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Select the right editor for you: someone who will respect your artistic voice, and thoughtfully critique your work without deconstructing your motivation. They should also know grammar and spelling. Great writers aren’t always great editors. Before choosing your editor, find out about their process and read samples of their past editing work. This is even more helpful than reading their original writing. If possible, work with your editor in person, instead of exclusively online. Real live, face-to-face collaboration deepens your...

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Are You Getting the Education You Need?

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I am a fervent proponent of education as a core foundation for life. However, consider this: I spent 17 years as an A student at five first-rate educational institutions: Rosewood Elementary School, John Burroughs Junior High School, Los Angeles High School, UCLA, and Columbia University. Yet I learned far too little about what I truly needed to live a productive, meaningful adult life. Did I learn to read, write and do basic math? Yes. I also studied a wide range of exceptional white male authors, learned to speak Spanish reasonably well, and...

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Top Ten Tips for Basic Media Relations

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Do you finally have the attention of the media, but are unclear about  how to handle your upcoming interview? Make sure you’re the right spokesperson for the right topic for the media outlet. Know the reporter. Who is he/she, who do they work for, what is their angle, agenda, deadline, preferred communication vehicle (email, fax, phone, in-person). Prepare. Memorize the key messages you want to communicate, prepare for any vulnerabilities. Respond to their deadlines as soon as possible. State why the story is important, and include...

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